About me

About me

Hi~ My name is Qian Lin. I was born in Quzhou, a beautiful city located in the west of Zhejiang Province, China.

I am currently a Master student in Mechanical Engineering at MIT. I was in robotics a few years ago, and now I am working on ultrasound imaging under the supervisor of Dr. Brain Anthony in Device Realization Lab.

I graduated from Tsinghua University, Beijing with a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor degree in Computer Science in 2020. You can find the courses I took in Tsinghua here.

My resume can be downloaded here.

Academic & Engineering


  • A fanatical music lover, with skills on piano, Qin and flute.
  • The founder and former leader of a musical student association in my high school, Quzhou No.2 Middle School, Zhejiang, China, where I was also a pianist and temporary conductor.


  • A swimmer. The former leader of our team, the Swimming Team of Department of Mechanical Engineering, THU.
  • Former member of Quzhou No.1 Swimming Team.


  • A ten-year vegetarian who is determined to be a vegan.
  • I also love to cook vegan food.

Chinese Literature

  • I have a personal blog (in Chinese 饮石泉兮荫松柏) on WeChat, which shares my life and memory. My wrting style was greatly influenced by a Taiwanese writter, LIN Ching-hsuan, and slightly by a Jiangsunese writter, WANG Zengqi.
  • I also started a podcast on WeChat in the memory of a friend. We share the literature pieces and music pieces we like in this podcast, wishing to encourage those who are depressed.