About me

About me

Hi~ My name is Qian Lin. I was born in Quzhou, a beautiful city located in the west of Zhejiang Province, China.
I’m currently a fourth-year undergraduate student of Tsinghua University (THU), China. I major in Mechanical Engineering and minor in Computer Science. I am a lover of math and robotics.

  • My resume can be downloaded here.
  • This is a list of my completed courses, and this shows some of the courses I’m taking this semester.

Academic & Engineering


  • A fanatical music lover, with skills on piano, Qin and flute.
  • The founder and leader of a musical student association in my high school, Quzhou No.2 Middle School, Zhejiang, China, where I was also a pianist and temporary conductor.


  • A swimmer. The leader of our team, the Swimming Team of Department of Mechanical Engineering, THU.
  • Member of Quzhou No.1 Swimming Team.


  • A six-year vegetarian who is determined to be a vegan.
  • I also love to cook vegan food.


  • An outstanding volunteer of Instructing Service for Basic Course, helping other students with the study of basic courses, e.g., calculus, linear algebra, physics, mechanics.
  • The class monitor.

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