Human Interactive Grasping Platform

Visiual Measurement for Human Interactive Grasping Platform

  • It is the visual measurement part of the project, Design and Development of a Platform for Exploring Characteristics of Human Interactive Grasping, the platform of which was designed by Ruomin Sui, who also completed the tacitle part.
  • This work resulted in a conference submission. Ruomin Sui, Qian Lin, Tiemin Li, Yao Jiang. Design and development of a platform for exploring characteristics of human interactive grasping. IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2020 (submitted).
  • The visual part was mainly developed on C++ with OpenCV; some testing programs were also written in Python.


Platform schematic

  • This platform was designed to detect and measure the slip state of human finger while grasping.
  • My work was to detect the slip with visual method.

* Detailed information will be added after the work is published.